Company Spotlight: Personalized Doormats Company


Who is the Personalized Doormats Company?

The Personalized Doormats Company was founded in 2002. Alan and Jill Mecca purchased the business from Walrus Brands, a conglomerate out of Chicago in 2007, and has since taken the business to new heights. During their business infancy, Oprah purchased several mats and featured them prominently on the front cover of O at Home. This advertisement quickly catapulted the website, and the rest was just keeping up. Originally only offering a small line of personalized residential doormats, Alan and Jill quickly realized the need to offer logo mats and it didn’t take long for the logo mat business to take off.


How did the Personalized Doormats Company get involved with the funeral industry?

PDC is a growing established family owned and operated business. When you call you get a person not a robot. So they are constantly looking out for industries that have similar qualities to their own. During their research they noticed many funeral homes were currently purchasing logo mats and wanted to not only continue that relationship but expand it as well. Upon further research they found out that there were not many mat companies looking out for the funeral industry, and they wanted to solve that problem right away.

What makes the Personalized Doormats Company unique?

PDC prides itself on not only giving you free proofs (even if you don’t buy), but also making sure the logo mat you get is right for you. Have you ever heard “This product is customized so it can’t be returned?” Well you won’t hear that from PDC. They will always go the extra mile to give the customer what they want knowing that buying a custom product online can be daunting and even a bit scary. So they work hard to make that experience painless, offering what they believe to be the best return policy in the industry.

Where else can you return, no questions asked, a custom product? How can they do this, you ask? They work to find manufacturers and vendors in the industry that conform to their ideals of good customer service. Working diligently behind the scenes to make sure you feel secure in your purchase.

What are the benefits to funeral homes using The Personalized Doormats Company?

PDC is a one-stop-shop for all your mat needs from logo mats (their specialty) to anti-fatigue mats, no-slip mats for restrooms and kitchens, and even solid color walk-off mats. They can offer the full solution for your entire establishment. Their employees have been around since the beginning so they are well aware of the matting needs of their funeral home customers, offering the best of personal service to your very personal business.

They also understand your growing needs, so as they expanded their line of products they are always thinking about the needs of their funeral home buyers. For example, they recently added, offering an extensive line of mailboxes and plaques. About a month after the site opened, they started offering a line of plaques specifically for the needs of funeral homes and cemeteries. Call and ask about these plaques and they can guide you through the process of creating your own, or choosing from one of their stock designs.

How would a funeral home contact The Personalized Doormats Company for more information on their products?

For more information, please call, 800.899.0620. Monday-Thursday 9:00 – 5:00 EST / Friday 9:00 – 4:30 EST. Or email: [email protected] They look forward to serving you. FBA

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