Company Spotlight: Empower Sound

Who is Empower Sound and what product and service do they provide?

Empower Sound was founded by Brian Foshee in 2004. As a professional magician, Foshee needed a small lightweight battery operated PA system. Nothing on the market met all his needs so Brian developed the Amazing Amp to appeal to entertainers.

How did Empower Sound get involved in the funeral industry?

We can safely say Foshee is the only magician in the funeral industry. At least, we hope so. Empower Sound had a booth at an Event Planners convention and a customer bought 3 Amazing Amp package deals and stated that he was a Funeral Director. He said the Amazing Amp is perfect for graveside services because no one can hear and no one is doing anything about it. Foshee immediately sought out Funeral conventions to fill this need.

What makes Empower Sound products so unique?

The Amazing Amp is truly an all-in-one system. Everything needed fits in the haversack bag that can be carried over your shoulder and weighs in total about 6 pounds!

The Amazing Amps speaker is crystal clear over a group of 200 people outdoors. It comes with a wireless handheld microphone, two wireless headset microphones and 2 wireless lapel microphones. 2 microphones can be used at one time. It also has inputs for music and can connect a Bluetooth device. The built in lithium battery lasts 5-6 hours and can be recharged. It truly is magical.

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What are the benefits to funeral homes using the Amazing Amp?

Funeral directors are left with 1 of 2 choices at graveside services. Either scream and sound brash or speak compassionately and not be heard. You can’t scream compassionately. The Amazing Amp solves this problem with one easy to use, easy to carry, easy to hear solution. Grieving families deserve to hear the final send off for their loved one.

What makes Empower Sound unique?

Brian’s personal cell phone number is in the manual for the Amazing Amp. That is completely unheard-of customer service. Empower Sound guarantees every one of their products is unlike anyone else. Their guarantee is “If it is not everything you ever hoped and dreamed, we will refund 100% including shipping both ways.” Empower Sound doesn’t want to have a single unhappy customer.

How would a funeral home contact Empower Sound for more information on their products?

Call 1-800-504-4800, contact Brian by email at [email protected] or visit their website at

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