Company Spotlight: DCB Small Business Lending

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Who is DCB Small Business Lending and what products and services do they provide?

DCB Small Business Lending (DCB) is a Division of Delaware County Bank, which is based in central Ohio. DCB is a national specialty niche lender that focuses on providing funding for healthcare related industries including funeral homes. DCB can finance funeral home acquisitions, partner buyouts, debt consolidation, renovations, expansions and even ground up construction.

How did DCB Small Business Lending get involved in the funeral industry?

DCB has an experienced staff of lending professionals and consultants that have an in depth knowledge of the funeral home industry. DCB’s staff and network includes individuals with years of experience lending to the funeral home industry.

What makes DCB Small Business Lending unique?

DCB specializes in providing financing for successful industries that have at times been underserved by lending institutions. Many banks will only lend against the value of the real estate value when financing a funeral home. The professionals at DCB understand that the brick and mortar that houses a funeral home is only a small fraction of the firm’s true value. The value of the goodwill is often times worth far more than the value of the real estate. DCB is able to structure long term financing based on the true value of a firm including the goodwill.

What are the benefits to funeral homes using DCB Small Business Lending?

Finding the right lending partner for your business can influence the long term success of your business. It is important that your bank understands the ebb and flow of call volumes and cash flow. The amount of profit that an owner can realize from their business can often times be contingent upon the structure of your loan. DCB can provide up to 25 year terms with competitive variable and floating interest rates.


How does DCB Small Business Lending provide a solution for funeral homes?

Because DCB understands the value of funeral homes they are able to provide up to 85% financing for the entire purchase price of a funeral home, including the goodwill. For existing owners, up to 100% financing can sometimes be obtained. DCB has a streamlined process and an experienced staff that will structure the best loan program for you and your firm.

How would a funeral home contact DCB Small Business Lending for information about their loan structures?

For more information about DCB, call (855) 3DCB-SBL. You may also contact their management team, John Tonjes: 614-981-4376, email: [email protected], Dan Bywater: 801-477-7798, email: [email protected], Marie Shelton: 812-430-6563, email: [email protected] They will be happy to answer any questions you have about their programs.

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