Company Spotlight: BerylMartin

Who is BerylMartin and what products and services do they provide?

BerylMartin was founded in January 2000, as an art, design, and digital print studio located in the greater Chicago-land area. Their main goal as a company is to offer personalized printing to the funeral industry in order to bring comfort to families during their time of loss. Within each of their premium product lines, they provide a great variety in order to help every family find exactly what they need in order for them to feel they have done everything possible to provide a lasting memory of their loved one to family and friends. They always go the extra mile, investing great care into each tribute they create, knowing the impact their products have at life celebrations.

While funeral products are their main line of service, they are committed to providing high quality products celebrating all stages of life, from birth announcements to graduation brochures to booklets for any life-changing event; if it is not in their catalog they will create it.

How did BerylMartin get involved in the funeral industry?

Their origin came about at time of loss for their founders. The events that followed brought such joy in the midst of grief that it helped transform the observance of a death into the celebration of a life. The impact was such that their company was moved to change its focus from offering standard printing fare into a company offering products to help celebrate lives in order to bring that same peace, joy and celebration to other families. They see themselves as partners with the funeral homes they provide for, partners in providing for the families they serve, not just as a provider of printed products.

What makes BerylMartin unique?

Since BerylMartin’s vision was shaped during a time of loss their line of products are very personal to them. They strive to design and produce products for funerals and other life celebration events that are of the highest quality because they remember the comfort it provided to their own families. Many of their seasoned employees have experienced the same peace and joy their personalized life tributes originally brought to their founders. These experiences have instilled great care for their products from their whole team. The result of this is the best possible product within the time frame needed, be it in the form of a brochure, program, prayer card, “I remember” card, thank you card, portrait, register book, casket panel or a video keepsake. What sets them apart from other providers of similar products is that they are able to make available premium products with same day shipping making it now possible for funeral homes to offer the highest quality personalized products.

What are the benefits to funeral homes using BerylMartin products and services?

Funeral homes that use BerylMartin products and services can pass on the same personal pride and care they place in their products to their families knowing they are offering only the highest of quality product and variety of personalization to be able to gear each piece to each family and situation. Their assurance of this relieves much of the burden, stress, and time involved for funeral homes to put together a remembrance package on their own.

Their studies over the years have shown that funeral homes using their products and services see an increased market share and added revenue, as well as image enhancement and greater name recognition within their community. These are intangibles that cannot be bought with advertising money but comes from the clients perception of your funeral home’s personalized care and with the fine tributes that go home with visitors who see the value of returning to your home when their time of need occurs.

How does BerylMartin provide a solution for funeral homes?

They know that funeral directors have a lot to do in a little time. They take the burden of designing, printing, cutting, folding and other printing duties off of their list to do. Simply place an order for one of their life tributes using the wide variety of choices online, upload photos, then receive and open the package to give each family the best personalized tribute in the funeral industry. The ease, peace, and comfort of quality personalization is provided by BerylMartin straight to each funeral home and on to each family for an ongoing celebration of their loved one’s life.

How would a funeral home contact BerylMartin for information on products and services?

Simply go online to to see the wide variety of products and services they have available. Give them a call at (219) 922-8935 or email to [email protected] to be set up as a partner and have sales materials sent to you. They are there to help you help your families celebrate life. FBA

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