“Keeping Memories Alive”

FORT WAYNE — wanting to make a difference in the way we remember loved ones.  Clarity Memories approaches the quick response (QR) codes with a new light and with new products.   Clarity Memories is now serving funeral homes, cemeteries, flower shops, and the general public.


Clarity Memories understands the importance of keeping memories alive.   Many of us have seen QR codes on headstones but not everyone brings them into their homes.  We link up a person’s or pet’s tribute page to a specific QR code that can be affixed to a headstone or engraved on our products.   Weather a simple keychain to keep memories close, a nice picture frame, or even a custom engraved plaque, the code can be read anytime and from anywhere you choose.

At Clarity Memories we find ways to keep memories alive through stories, pictures, video and even audio files.   We have options for everyone and accept custom requests.   We capture memories that can be lost through generations by integrating it together into one place for future generations to enjoy.

For more information please contact Clarity Memories at 1-800-697-0725 or email us at [email protected]