SARASOTA, Fl – With hundreds of urn designs in its 14,000-square-foot onsite warehouse, Bogati Urns consistently strives to provide an ever-growing selection of designs to meet the unique wishes of the grieving families who need them. That selection recently expanded yet again with maybe the most unique urn design to-date.

Bogati Urn Company is proud to announce an exclusive partnership with Forever Aging™, the manufacturer of miniature wooden barrel urns intended for those who love(d) whiskey, wine, beer, and anything else aged in a barrel.

The Forever Aging barrel urn is the inspiration of William (Bill) Elam, a retired attorney who lives in Kentucky, the mecca of the bourbon industry. With the understanding that old bourbon barrels can’t be re-used for bourbon, Elam had the idea of making one-of-a-kind urns from someone’s favorite bourbon brand. A few iterations later, to profoundly simplify the manufacturing process, The Forever Aging Barrel was final.

“Once I streamlined manufacturing, I said to myself, ‘I’ve finally got it!’” said Elam. “Then I got a trademark, registered for a patent, and called Andrea at Bogati Urns. I’d met her years before and very much admired what she’s accomplished with her company and thought there could be an opportunity to work together.”

The solid white oak barrel urns are proudly made by skilled craftsman in the U.S. Each measures 8.5 inches x 6 inches and holds a capacity of up to 190 cubic inches. Engraved brass plates are also available, for an additional charge, to personalize each barrel.

“This is truly an innovative product for our industry, and I’m thrilled to be partnering with Bill on it!” said Bogati Urn Company owner, Andrea Bogard LeBlanc. “Our soft launch so far has been extremely encouraging. Everyone seems to think these urns are perfect for wine, aged bourbon, and spirits enthusiasts.”

Elam adds, “What better way to honor whisky or wine lovers? Now their memories can also get better with time for the loved ones they leave behind. That’s my hope with Forever Aging.”

As with all Bogati Urns products, The Forever Aging barrel urn is available for wholesale purchase only by funeral homes and crematories. Orders can be placed by calling (941) 751-3382 or visiting online at:

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