20 Percent Off Select Pre-Orders through August 16


SARASOTA, FL – Given their warm, comforting, and classic feel, wooden urns have long been one of Bogati Urns’ most popular categories, prompting ongoing expansion of the collection. To that end, the company is excited to announce both a new line of solid oak urns with artisan applique designs, as well as limited time, pre-order pricing.

Made exclusively for the Bogati Urn Company, the new urns are hand made by skilled craftsmen and feature perfectly mitered edges, a beautiful luster finish, and rubber pads on the corners of the base.


“Wood is a wonderful medium for urns because the natural variations of the different wood grains make each urn as unique as the person they’re selected for, ”said Andrea Bogard LeBlanc, owner of Bogati Urns. “We’re excited to be able to offer this new collection – the quality is probably the best we’ve ever offered!”


Adding to the natural beauty of wooden urns, each urn in the new solid oak collection features a hand-cut, artisan-designed applique. Several designs are currently available for pre-order, including select states, patriotic symbols, and faith-based imagery. Further, new designs can be considered on request, and custom designs can be created for funeral homes and crematories that would like a unique design for their business.


“The multi-step process in creating each urn’s applique is fascinating. They are hand cut and, like a puzzle, seamlessly put together to create a beautiful work of art,” Bogard LeBlanc said.


The new solid oak collection features an adult size (10” H x 6” L x 6” W, 275 cubic inches) for $49 per piece and a keepsake size (6.75” L x 3.75” W x 2.75” H, 22 cubic inches) for $22 per piece. Through August 16, 2019, Bogati Urns is offering a 20 percent discount on all adult models.


“With the additional duties from China, we needed to look toward other sources in order to continue to keep our wholesale prices very reasonable. This exclusive collection offers that and then some,” said Bogard Leblanc. “The pre-sale price in particular is an incredible offer for the amount of work that goes into these urns and leaves plenty of room for a nice profit for the funeral homes that sell our products.”


To learn more and see the current available designs, please visit online at https://bogatiurns.com/product-category/new-products/.

Founded in 2004 by Andrea Bogard LeBlanc, Bogati Urn Company offers funeral homes and crematories unparalleled service and wholesale pricing on an equally unparalleled variety of urns, scattering tubes and related products. Its original lead crystal line has expanded to feature a diverse and hand-selected product line from trusted manufacturers and skilled artisans worldwide. Its inventory now includes hundreds of memorial urns for adults, children and pets in varying materials, including glass, marble, wood, porcelain, brass and metal. Custom options are also available.


Bogati Urns is headquartered in Sarasota, Fla. and is a proud member of several industry organizations, including the Association of Independent Funeral Directors of Florida; Florida Cemetery, Cremation & Funeral Association; Cremation Association of North America; and Pet Loss Professionals Alliance.


For more information on Bogati Urn Company, please visit www.bogatiurns.com.