Bogati Urn Company Provides Thought Leadership on Urn Sales in Funeral Industry

SARASOTA, FL (November 17, 2017) – Bogati Urn Company used to sell its ever-growing line of urns direct to consumer as so many other urn “wholesalers” still do today. In order to eliminate the competitive landscape this was creating with its partners; Bogati Urn Company began solely selling wholesale, business-to-business, in 2015. Though Bogati Urns lists on its website many of the funeral homes that carry its products, purchasing calls from consumers continue still today. This prompted the Bogati team to investigate further.


Though the team sees an increasing number of funeral homes that understand the need for online purchasing opportunities, there appears to be a disconnect. The scenario may play out like this:


Families start their urn search online with third party re-sellers like Amazon, Sam’s, eBay, Walmart, and Costco. They may initially intend to purchase at their local funeral home, but an average of 30 percent – a number that appears to be climbing – end up purchasing online instead.     Why? In the often cost-driven, multi-billion-dollar online shopping industry, it appears families are simply becoming more and more cost conscience.


“We’ve heard from both sides, and we know they want to work with each other,” said Andrea Bogard LeBlanc, owner of Bogati Urn Company. “Given our experience in this industry, we think the answer is to think differently and react positively to the changing buying habits of families.”


To offer input on this concept, the Bogati Urns team created a blog post with six detailed ideas: Change your measurements to sell more; Make selection part of the process; Display, display, display; Consider price and function; Little things make a difference; and Pay more attention for better results. The blog post can be found here:


In addition, Bogati has created a by-request-only section on its website to give funeral homes and cremation services providers help and guidance on how to sell on third-party venues to be present where the families are first starting their cremation urn search. Those interested in this information should call (941) 351-3382.


“We stepped away from direct-to-consumer selling to strengthen our relationships with our partners, so we would never attempt to tell them where or for how much to sell our urns,” Bogard LeBlanc said. “But their success is our success. If we can be of help we our unique insights, it’s a win-win for everyone.”


Founded in 2004 by Andrea Bogard LeBlanc, Bogati Urn Company offers funeral homes and crematories unparalleled service and wholesale pricing on an equally unparalleled variety of urns, scattering tubes and related products. Its original lead crystal line has expanded to feature a diverse and hand-selected product line from trusted manufacturers and skilled artisans worldwide. Its inventory now includes hundreds of memorial urns for adults, children and pets in varying materials, including glass, marble, wood, porcelain, brass and metal. Custom options are also available.


Bogati Urns is headquartered in Sarasota, Fla. and is a proud member of several industry organizations, including the Association of Independent Funeral Directors of Florida; International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association; Florida Cemetery, Cremation & Funeral Association; Cremation Association of North America; Pet Loss Professionals Alliance; and International Association of Pet Cemeteries and Crematories.


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