SARASOTA, FL – In the funeral and cremation industry, it’s easy to focus on loss. In its continued effort to celebrate life, Bogati Urn Company has chosen One Kin Roof (1KR) for its next Bogati Gives Back recipient and will donate to the organization a portion of all June 2018 sales.


Though envisioned for over a decade, One Kin Roof was only officially co-founded in 2017 by Debby Johnson and Angie Millar. Both have family members who live at home with disabilities and saw a critical need for supported living that enables as much independence as possible.


“People with disabilities don’t want to live a segregated life in an institution. They want to be connected, contributing, and valued members of their community, just the same as anyone else,” said Millar.


Still in the very early stages, Johnson and Millar’s vision is to bridge the gap – that has long been in place – where those with and without disabilities largely don’t mix and build a community in Florida’s Tampa Bay Area where those from all walks of life live and work together.


First and foremost, 1KR will utilize University students to connect the adults with disabilities into the community. In exchange the students will receive volunteer hours, experience for their practicums, internship opportunities, and the possibility of free housing. In addition to students, 1KR looks to create a supportive living environment with people of multiple generations who are interested in more purposeful living, including retirees, young families and professionals, and the elderly.


This integrative approach will create a safe solution and solid support system for those with disabilities, as well as build unique, mutually beneficial relationships that will provide, at minimum, wisdom, experience, advice, and a sense of purpose and productivity.


“When these groups of people come together and begin to say, ‘let’s talk, let’s be friends,” we truly believe it’s going to empower those with disabilities in a way they can reach their highest potential, whatever that is for each individual,” said Millar.


With no current paid positions, all donations to 1KR, including that made by Bogati Urn Company, will help fund the development of its bridge building program and curriculum, the development of an app to connect the matching of volunteers and adults with a disability based on similar interests and proximity, well as contribute toward the mentor’s activity costs. By streamlining costs now and utilizing donated services and expertise it is allowing 1KR to start saving toward land cost and focus on the greater need of attaining housing for the envisioned community, a K.I.N.D.R.E.D Village.


To contribute to Bogati Gives Back for this effort, customers can simply make a normal purchase with Bogati Urns during June 2018, and a donation will be made to One Kin Roof on behalf of the company in July, when many Disability Pride celebrations are held throughout the country.


“Giving back is such a personal endeavor, and it doesn’t get more personal than our children. Debby and I met years ago and discovered we both have special needs kids. This connection made One Kin Roof a natural fit for one of our Bogati Gives Back recipients,” said Andrea Bogard-LeBlanc, founder of Bogati Urn Company. “What will happen as we, their parents, age? Where will they live? One Kin Roof will not only help bring awareness of needs like this of families with children with disabilities but also hopefully make independent living possible for these individuals in a way that’s not yet readily available.”


Should anyone also want to make a direct donation or learn more about One Kin Roof, please visit online at


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