Bogati Urn Company Giving Back in April 2018 to Up-and-Coming Medical Rehabilitation Focused Foundation

SARASOTA, FL – Bogati Urn Company founder, Andrea Bogard LeBlanc, and Falling Forward Foundation founder, Sam Porritt, grew up together in Peoria, Ill. After reconnecting on social media after a high school reunion, Bogard LeBlanc learned Porritt sustained a severe spinal cord injury and later created a nonprofit related to it. As Falling Forward Foundation continues to grow and gain steam, Bogati Urn Company has chosen it for its next Bogati Gives Back recipient and will donate to the organization a portion of all April 2018 sales.


Falling Forward Foundation helps people who’ve suffered strokes, traumatic brain injuries, and spinal cord injuries and need rehabilitation beyond what their insurance will provide in order to live “able” lives again. In other words, walk and work.


The issue was brought to light for Porritt in 2011 when he fell while on vacation in Italy and injured his spinal cord, initially causing paralysis from the waist down. Porritt then discovered his insurance was special: it allowed for unlimited rehabilitation, while 99 percent of medical insurance policies in the U.S. have what are known as a “therapy cap.” In real numbers that looks like this: Porritt received more than 400 therapy sessions in order to eventually learn to walk again with a cane; most people with medical insurance caps generally receive only 30 rehab visits.


“I saw firsthand the terrible impact of therapy caps. When their insurance ran out, those I was getting to know as they tried to get their lives back, just like me, were sent home with disabilities that could have been corrected with additional rehabilitation,” said Porritt. “That didn’t sit well with me, so I launched Falling Forward to not only give people the same opportunity I had to continue rehab and recover to their full potential, but also bring awareness to – and ideally drive change for – this global issue that could literally affect anyone.”


Through Falling Forward, Porritt has already begun to make waves. To-date 75 people have been provided with financial support to continue their rehab after their insurance ran out. In addition, through legislation that was just passed in March 2018, therapy caps have been eliminated for those on Medicare. But there are more people to help, and more legislative hurdles to cross. That’s where the Bogati Gives Back donation will help.


Customers can simply make a normal purchase with Bogati Urns during April 2018, and a donation will be made to Falling Forward Foundation on behalf of the company in May.


“We always strive to be able to give back to a variety of organizations, local and beyond. But this one is really special,” said Andrea Bogard LeBlanc, owner of Bogati Urn Company. “Sam and I have known each other since grade school, and his story and mission with Falling Forward are nothing short of inspirational. It’s a real honor to do what we can from our side.”


Should anyone also want to make a direct donation or learn more about Falling Forward Foundation, please visit online at

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