Blanchard Family Funeral Home Opens For Business

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On Wed April 12th the Blanchard Family Funeral Home officially opened for business with a ribbon–cutting ceremony that was open to the public.
Although, there was much to celebrate, there is even more to consider during this time of year in the Interior.

Living in an area with such temperature extremes, the transition into Spring causes more issues for cemetery maintenance in the Interior verses those in milder climates.

Owner and fifth generation funeral director, Keith Blanchard, says he has seen little effect of permafrost on tombstones and gravesites, but did say that burials as late at September can lead to uneven settling in the spring.
He adds how he is connected to the Birch Hill Cemetery, and what people worry about the most when the snow begins to melt.

“We are proud to announce that we are the new owners and operators of Birch Hill Cemetery starting this past September, 2016,” said Blanchard. “During break–up, what we’ve heard most from people—they want us to maintain the integrity of the graves that are up there where their loved ones are at. They also want us to make sure it is safe for them to go up there. So what happens is we run into a lot of ruts, because of the flowing water down the roads, and so what we have to do is try and repair those as quick as we can so we can make it safe for everybody visiting.”

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