Who is Atlantic Coast Life and what product and services do you provide?
Atlantic Coast Life headquartered in Charleston South Carolina is a premier provider of preneed products, including annuities and life products for families. Since 1925, Atlantic Coast Life has been helping families to prepare for a confident and secure future. Our mission is to bring sound products and solutions for our funeral homes and distribution partners. Growing from our home state of South Carolina, we now have product in 35 states across the US with states targeted for expansion. We are committed to having state of the art service and competitive consumer product offerings and are well-positioned to maintain our financially strong and stable platform.

What makes Atlantic Coast Life Unique?
Our partners are paramount and we are here to support them with a variety of growth rates, product options and seamless transactions including our E-App for paperless submission of business, remote sales platform, claim processing, EPO quotes and ordering of supplies. All of which can be transacted on a smart device, laptop, desktop, and I-Pad. Descendant coverage is included in our Life plans for Children, Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren. All transactions can also be accepted by email, fax, and mail.

What are the benefits to funeral homes working with Atlantic Coast Life?
Our funeral home partners tell us they love the options in growth rates from simple to a compounded rate, and a simple easy to use product offerings for their families. We also offer an aftercare platform and marketing support options. Our customer service team continues to receive great feedback from our funeral home customers and partners. New business, commissions and claims are processed without delay. A dedicated concierge phone line is provided to our funeral homes and partners for when they need us and we are here to answer their call.

How does Atlantic Coast Life provide a solution for funeral homes?
Atlantic Coast Life provides simple, easy to understand product solutions, great customer service, and business reports needed to track your business with confidence preneed claims will be paid on a timely basis. Local support with our many Regional Sales Directors and Marketing partners is another plus with Atlantic Coast Life.

How does funeral homes reach Atlantic Coast Life?
You can contact us by visiting www.aclico.com or call 843-573-3045, or reach us by email Tom Holland at [email protected]