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Meet Jeff Brodsly & Chosen Payments

There is no doubt you’ve heard of them and seen them at funeral industry trade shows and events. They arrived with a splash and quickly became a dominant credit card processor in funeral care. Being the exclusive credit card processor for Funeral Business Advisor Magazine as well as 500+ other funeral care providers Chosen Payments is here to stay.

Jeff Brodsly, Chosen Payments CEO, has a unique approach and his passionate involvement in the industry has made Chosen Payments an easy choice for credit card processing. In 2008, Brodsly embarked on a mission to launch a credit card processing company that would be different than any others he had ever worked for or heard about. Brodsly envisioned a company that would serve a handful of niche markets – including funeral care. His company would bridge a disconnect he saw between credit card processors and their clients through transparency and mutually beneficial partnerships with state, regional and national associations. The vision didn’t just include processing credit cards. It included supporting the niche industries served through sponsorship of industry events including state, national and international shows. His company would deliver educational information and assist funeral associations with their own membership growth efforts. He would share his profits with those same associations.

When Brodsly entered high school he became a part of the Moorpark High School Business Academy: A program geared towards young entrepreneurs. “I got to do a lot of things that normal students my age didn’t, and it opened my eyes and ears to opportunities,” Jeff recounts. He was an entrepreneur at heart and put his passion and drive into building something special. Eleven years later, that burning passion for success helped Brodsly and his company achieve his original goal and build a company with a very strong reputation of funeral industry support. It isn’t just about sharing profits either. It’s about using resources and generously providing more than financial support. His staff serve on boards and committees, help plan association fundraising events and take an active leadership role with associations that they work with. For example, Marketing Manager, Jim Luff serves on the Expo Planning, Legislative and PR committees of the California Funeral Directors Association.

“Chosen Payments came into this industry as a vendor with no knowledge of how funeral homes, cemeteries or cremation facilities work, and we just dove right in,” states Brodsly while explaining how the company was able to find the kind of success and recognition that typically takes much longer to achieve. “We continue to succeed with our hands-on approach.” There is great value that has endeared funeral directors, cemetery owners and even other funeral care vendors to Chosen Payments.

Some of that value includes cost savings while fully understanding the sensitive nature of the death care industry. In addition to its corporate headquarters in Moorpark, Calif., Chosen Payments maintains regional offices in Atlanta, Phoenix and Salt Lake City. The company has satellite offices in Buffalo, Nashville, Kansas City, Santa Ana, and Grand Haven. The now 150-people-strong Chosen Payments staff remain steadfast in their delivery of what they call, “White Glove Service” that includes a desire to make a difference for their clients by nurturing relationships, increasing efficiency, and bolstering the profit of funeral homes. “These are values we speak of that other processors don’t offer because, we are not just another credit card processor,” Jim says passionately.


So how did Chosen Payments establish itself as a leader in the funeral industry so quickly? “It definitely is staying at the forefront of the industry and really showing that we are committed to it,” Jeff answers. “It was also learning how the industry works, which catapulted our reputation because we now understand the needs of funeral care professionals so we quickly create solutions to their problems.”

“We have technological knowledge and resources that give our clients a benefit via cost savings and more efficient accounting processes” Brodsly continues. “It’s not just about saving money: It’s about really knowing the funeral industry, establishing relationships with software providers that everyone uses, having invested the time to understand how each software provider works and how funeral homes and cemeteries use them, whether they’re small, medium, or large.”

“In the beginning, about 90 percent of our growth and success was us really chasing sales because nobody knew who we were; now, I would say that 60 percent of our business comes via word of mouth regarding our credibility, reputation, partnerships, and just delivering what we promised,” relates Jeff. “This industry is old school and it takes time to gain trust, we have put in a few years and we are here to stay. We plan to grow old with our clients, and be dominant for years to come.”

Pet care, jewelry, transportation, and auto dealerships are among the various markets that Chosen Payments caters to, with newer forays into sporting goods and auto racing, the latter being the result of a deal with the 60,000-member National Hot Rod Association (NHRA). “We spent a lot of time planting our heels in the ground and rolling up our sleeves for that industry,” Brodsly explains. “We signed our largest partnership yet with the NHRA, which is huge for us. We’re the preferred provider for not just them but all of their members too.”

The company has enjoyed a six-year streak of being recognized with the payment industry’s top honor, inclusion in the First Data’s President’s Club. In addition, Brodsly was recently recognized by the Electronic Transaction Association as one of the Top Forty Under 40. ETA, an association for credit card processors, along with Discover Card, recognized the top forty executives in credit card processing who are under the age of 40. ETA and First Data are not the only organizations to recognize Chosen Payments growth and success.

The company has grown rapidly every year since its inception and was recognized as number 800 on the Inc. 5000 list, a catalogue of the fastest-growing private firms in America.

Brodsly credits his staff for carrying out his vision to achieve this success. Employees of Chosen Payments refer to themselves as, “Chosen Ones” where the company culture is best described as work hard, play hard. “We don’t want to micromanage anyone; we just want everyone to do their job to the best of their abilities. If they do something wrong, they’re going to hear it hard because we’re in the service business to manage people’s money. There’s little room for error, and if you do make one, you have to take care of it right,” says Brodsly.

Chosen Payments currently has a five-person sales team dedicated to specifically serving the funeral industry. In addition to Marketing Manager, Jim Luff, Account Executives Maria Prado, Rick Brodsly, Katie Martinez and Meghan Tucker round out the dedicated team. “One of the largest benefits we bring to this industry is having the perspective that allows us to say, “Hey, this worked with another funeral directors association, so let’s try it here and then we have the tools to teach them,” states Brodsly. “Jeff and Chosen Payments have played a huge part in CFDA’s annual expo as our top level sponsor” says Stacey Siqueiros, an Event Manager for CFDA. “One of the biggest things I preach is that we’re our clients’ partner,” Brodsly says. “If I can help a funeral home increase profits, that means they—and I—are more successful. It’s just really understanding the needs of the clients, being a partner, and having a relationship because, at the end of the day, people want to do business with people they like.”

The motto of Chosen Payments is “Your Partner in Success.” Jeff believes when his clients succeed, he succeeds, so he wants to impart some advice on doing that. Scaling your growth properly is vital if a business hopes to survive and thrive. Brodsly is also known for his speaking and consulting with businesses to help them grow and as Chosen Payments continues to flourish in the funeral care space he looks forward to sharing this knowledge with the industry.

For more information about Chosen Payments please visit or contact Jim Luff at [email protected]