The Center for Loss and Life Transition has announced the locations of Dr. Alan Wolfelt’s 2020 Fall educational workshops. The content of these workshops helps participants understand their own grief, how to companion others in their grief, and the significance of how when words are inadequate have meaningful ceremonies. Sponsors include hospices, hospitals, universities, funeral homes, and a variety of community agencies. New workshops include “Understanding Grief After a Drug-Overdose Death: A ‘Companioning’ Model of Caregiving” and “Understanding Grief Overload: Practices and Principles.” The locations are as follows:

July 29-30 – Sioux Falls, SD

September 1-2 – Madison, WI

September 17-18 – Denver, CO

September 21 – Fort Collins, CO

September 22-23 – Orlando, FL

September 23-24 – Mobile, AL

September 24-25 – Baton Rouge, LA

September 29-30 – Troy, MI

Sept 30-Oct 1 – Port Huron, MI

October 13-14 – St. Charles, MO

October 15 – Palm Harbor, FL

October 20-22 – Cedar Rapids, IA

October 27-28 – Cambridge, ON

October 28-29 – Toronto, ON

October 29-30 – London, ON

November 5 – Las Vegas, NV

November 17-18 – Nashville, TN

November 19-20 – Coeur d’Alene, ID

November 23-24 – Calgary, AB

November 24-25 – Edmonton, AB

Dr. Alan Wolfelt has been recognized as one of North America’s leading death educators and griefcounselors. His books have sold more than a million copies worldwide and have been translated intomany languages. He founded the Center for Loss and Life Transition in 1984 to offer education andsupport both to grievers and bereavement caregivers. He is known around the world for hiscompassionate messages of hope and healing as well as his companioning philosophy of grief care. Dr. Wolfelt speaks on grief-related topics, offers trainings for caregivers, and has written many bestselling books and other resources on grief for both caregivers and grieving people.