In 2008, American MemoryCraft introduced world class master glass blowing to the cremation marketplace, offering a new and truly unique and colorful method of memorialization to this mature category.

10 years ago this month, world class blown glass art, made completely by US Master Glass Blowers, entered the funeral world as a new way to provide unique and individualized cremation urns and memorial sculptures. Along with providing a completely new product, American MemoryCraft pioneered value based pricing and consistent quality delivery in what was, up to this point, a completely custom design process for funeral providers across the country.

“Until we decided to enter the funeral space, families were spending outrageous amounts of money for 1-off designs that made the category out of reach for most families.” Eli Beard, owner and manager of American MemoryCraft, notes. “working to a plan, we made our art both affordable as well as industry focused… assuring that we met the volumetric needs as well as the critical dimensional needs of urns intended for columbaria niches.”

“In the early days, we created partnerships with a few funeral homes mostly in Oregon and Northern California that was built around 3 designs and an immense group of color choices. As those relationships began to grow quickly, interest began to spread to more providers as well as larger inquiries from big operators as well as distributors. In addition, our show booths were constantly swamped with new inquiries…we knew we were in a growing category.” Beard added. “in fact, we truly grew past our capacity quite quickly and had to begin to think about how to grow an art studio into a production facility.”

While the 3 original designs are still offered, American MemoryCraft has expanded to offer both a wider selection of Cremation Urns with a broad range of popular palettes as well as Solid Glass Keepsakes that are hand blown with a small token of cremains inside. While the solid glass keepsake market has grown dramatically and has many vendors across the US, the technical capabilities of American MemoryCraft assures their position as the premier maker of Hand Blown Glass Cremation Urns in the US.

As part of the 10 year anniversary, American MemoryCraft is launching a new website at The website will not only serve in the catalog role it is intended, it will also provide significant story telling about the craft; how an urn is made, the deep history of hand blown glass for cremation urns as well as offering a view of the people who make up American MemoryCraft. As a wholesale only producer, the new website will act as an easy on-line ordering system for Authorized Dealers as well as a way to demonstrate the companies capabilities for the families who may choose a hand crafted glass cremation urn, without interfering with the pricing models of any individual funeral home as no pricing is displayed on the site.

“We’ve enjoyed tremendous success in our 10 years working with the outstanding professionals in the Funeral and Cremation community and are looking forward to the next 10!”

Located in South West Oregon in the foothills of the Cascade and Siskiyou mountain ranges, American MemoryCraft serves the Professional Funeral and Cremation community exclusively through direct Funeral Home and Cremation Provider relationships as well as distribution partners. In addition to the United States, American MemoryCraft ships to Australia, Germany, Canada and the United Kingdom.

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