Who is Aftercare.com and what product and services do they provide?

Aftercare.com helps funeral homes and cemeteries build loyalty by staying in touch with families after the services are over. Their popular Aftercare Card Program automatically sends four cards plus a survey to families throughout the first year following their loss.

What problem is Aftercare.com solving for funeral homes?

Almost universally, funeral directors do not have time to consistently follow up with families. Every funeral home owner knows they should be providing aftercare of some kind, and certainly want to, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. Admittedly, most funeral homes have tried to send out thank you cards or make follow up calls and just couldn’t keep up with it consistently. Despite good intentions, these programs usually fall off when the funeral home gets busy. The Aftercare Card Program was created to help solve this problem, allowing funeral directors to spend the time needed with pre-need and at-need families.

What makes the Aftercare Card Program unique?

With this program, cards are automatically sent to the family on days that are meaningful and are designed to let a family know they are being remembered. Two weeks after the service, a sympathy card is mailed to the family that is personalized with the funeral home logo, message and signature. Six weeks after the service, the family receives a follow up survey asking them to evaluate their experience with your firm.

Three more times during the first year, a card is sent to the family on days that are usually very difficult for them. They receive a card on the birthday of their loved one, during the holidays and on the first anniversary of their loss. The program is completely automated, and the cost is only $20 per family.

What are the benefits to funeral homes using the Aftercare Card Program?

The benefits of any kind of aftercare program is stronger relationships, customer loyalty and, as a natural bi-product, an increase in preneed sales.

The Aftercare Card Program is automated, so the funeral director only needs to enroll the family, which takes about 60 seconds. Everything from that point is done by Aftercare.com. Because the program is automated, this lets funeral directors focus on today’s at-need families and still show previous families they are thinking about them.

How did Aftercare.com get involved in the funeral industry?

Aftercare.com is a subsidiary of Directors Advantage which has provided funeral homes with technology and marketing services since 2005. In 2014, they began helping funeral homes increase awareness for preneed with a focus on aftercare. In 2015 they created the Aftercare Card Program and adopted the Aftercare.com brand in 2016.

How would a funeral home contact Aftercare.com for more information on your products?

To learn more, or get a free sample, funeral directors can visit www.aftercare.com or call 1-800-721-7097. Ellery Bowker, the founder and CEO, can be reached at [email protected] FBA