Who is Aftercare.com and what product and services do you provide?

We are a company with a single focus of helping funeral homes provide support and stay in touch with families after the service is over. We offer two innovative programs, The Aftercare Card Program, and the Aftercare-By-Text program. Both programs are automated which means the funeral director enrolls the family with us and they’re done. We do everything else.

How did Aftercare.com get involved in the funeral industry?

Directors Advantage Inc., our parent company, had been serving the funeral industry for 10+ years as a technology and marketing partner. In early 2015 we started exploring how we could help funeral homes increase preneed and quickly realized that even though previous families were far more likely to prearrange than others, very few funeral homes were doing anything to continue building the relationship after the service was over.

I always knew funeral directors wore a lot of hats, but it wasn’t until we started looking at aftercare that it became clear just how hard it is to find time to follow up. The common theme was “as one family is leaving, the next family is on their way in.” Nearly every funeral home we talked to admitted that they tried to do follow up on their own but weren’t able to keep up when they got busy and eventually stopped altogether.

As software developers with deep experience in the funeral business, we knew we could create a product that would allow the funeral director to follow up with each family consistently without doing any more work.

What makes Aftercare.com unique?

I would say two things. The first is our hyper-focus on making funeral directors’ lives easier. We believe by doing one thing and being best-in-class, we become a trusted partner to the funeral home which gives them the freedom to focus on the family they are serving today and still let previous families know they are thinking about them. The second is the effortless way we’ve made it for funeral directors to enroll families in the program. We have integrations with many of the services they already use including the two largest funeral home website providers, Batesville and CFS. The funeral home can enroll a family in less than 30 seconds.

What are the benefits to funeral homes using the Aftercare Card Program or Aftercare-By-Text?

The primary benefit of using either program (or both) is that the funeral home is reaching out to the family on a consistent basis and doing so without adding any more work to their already busy schedule. Author and speaker, Patricia Fripp, said it best by saying “It is not your customer’s job to remember you, it is your obligation and responsibility to make sure they don’t have a chance to forget you.” Because our programs are 100% done-for-you, the family will be touched by the funeral home several times during the year, and those touchpoints are essential steps in building a closer relationship.

How does Aftercare.com provide a solution for funeral homes?

Aftercare.com solves three big problems funeral homes face today. 1.) They don’t have time to follow up 2.) Loyal families are declining and 3.) They are not getting enough reviews. We solve the first challenge by removing the time and resources needed to follow up consistently. The decline of loyal families is combatted by staying in touch and building stronger relationships and, finally, we help funeral homes get more reviews by gently asking the family for a review and making it effortless to share their experiences on Google, Facebook and Yelp.

How can a funeral home learn more about your programs or contact Aftercare.com?

Funeral homes may call us at 1-800-721-7097 or visit Aftercare.com to learn more about the Aftercare Card Program or Aftercare-By-Text. We encourage directors to request a sample or schedule a demo for a quick overview. The demo is a no-obligation way to learn how the programs work, what the families see when they get a card or text message, how to enroll a family, etc. FBA