AFN – Affordable Funerals Network
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Who is Affordable Funeral Networks and what product and services do they provide?

AFN is a source for today’s millions of online consumers to connect with their exclusive funeral and cremation service providers in select markets throughout the U.S. and Hawaii. When AFN first launched in 2013, its main focus was solely to provide reduced cost traditional funeral service packages. This would allow the consumer to have a traditional funeral service for their loved ones. There was also a package that offered a traditional service with cremation which is very popular in certain markets. Now to increase their commitment, AFN has also negotiated the lowest rates in merchant services and developed a team of experts to assist in sales training and management, development of pre-need departments, and extensive marketing for your firm.

AFN has established valuable relationships with the leading Industry providers of insurance, policy funding, third-party client lending resources along with legal assistance and free preliminary advice to the grieving families who’re experiencing a wrongful death (auto or truck fatalities).

How did AFN get involved in the funeral industry?

AFN saw that there was a need for the consumer to go online and obtain competitive price points for traditional funeral services and/or cremation. Consumers can go online and now purchase so many of the components that are necessary for the funeral experience (urns, caskets, flowers, etc.) that were once sold exclusively in a funeral home. Pricing of these captured items were only available on a firm’s general price list. AFN has combined those once captured items with the one component that is the most vital, SERVICES, also for a reduced price point.

What makes AFN unique?

AFN uniqueness lies in the fact that it offers pricing transparency of the actual goods and services to the millions of online consumers who are no longer loyal to any one funeral service provider but are more interested in garnering value in their selection of a reputable funeral home in their area. AFN exclusive providers are carefully vetted and selected to suit the needs and most importantly the expectations of the informed consumer of today.

What are the benefits of funeral homes using AFN?

The answer to that is many! In January of 2017, AFN enlisted the expertise of Ashley Jackson who has a degree in marketing and vast experience in sales. Combine that with the fact that her family has been involved in funeral home ownership since 1957, making her the third generation. It is no wonder that she is very knowledgeable of the challenges that now face the average funeral home owner. Ashley knew that the exclusive providers in the more than 300 AFN exclusive markets needed an advantage to not only maintain their leading position but to also give them an opportunity to dominate their respective market in the midst of a changing business model. That is why AFN has added extensive services to enhance the level of service offered to the client and to increase the bottom line through partnering with North American Bank Card and Global Rapid Funding and other end of life insurance companies.

How does AFN provide a solution for funeral homes?

As a national web-based business association comprised of “family owned” funeral homes throughout the country; AFN “Bridges Families with Funeral Homes” by referring families to funeral homes that demonstrate a valued commitment to their communities. AFN has been able to garner multiple partnerships with very reputable companies to offer their members business solutions at corporate discounted rates, such as merchant services, third-party lending options to under insured and or uninsured clients, insurance factoring, funeral supply and casket discounts and active pre-need insurance support and build-out. By consolidating their member’s annual case volume, which is currently around 68,000 cases annually, funeral homes in the AFN Network garner multiple discounts that could not be obtained by your own individual case volume. AFN recently entered into an exclusive partnership with a very reputable technology firm, positioning them to assist in the success of your pre-need and at-need sales, by enabling funeral homes to connect with everyone who walks into your firm needing free WiFi. This will cut the expense and time necessary in seeking leads for pre-need. It will also allow you to communicate community outreach events held by your firm to increase awareness of your funeral home. The bottom line is that AFN effectively assists in compensation loss of revenue as a result of the rise in cremation. FBA