Dixon Edwards, winner of 3 Lombardi Trophies and 3 Super Bowl rings while playing linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys, has formed 58 FUNDING to finance at need insurance policies for your funeral home or cemetery.  58 was Dixon’s number throughout his football career except when he played for the Minnesota Vikings, where he was the highest paid linebacker in the NFL.  Dixon, after working with several funeral assignment companies, wanted to make funeral funding even easier for the funeral homes and their families, so he started 58 FUNDING.

Dixon stated, “After working in this industry for some time, I have come up with a better system and assignment that protects the funeral home, cemetery, the director, the owners and their families.  58 FUNDING’s assignment states in bold letters that there is no recourse (chargebacks) for your families, your funeral home or your cemetery except for fraud.  Other companies state the same thing but only one company writes it in its assignment.  I learned in college and during my business career, what is stated orally does not supersede the written word.   I have been in an industry where promises can and are made, but if it is oral and not written, it means nothing.  Don’t believe when a company states it doesn’t chargeback.  What is written in its contract is what matters, and that is why we have no chargebacks written in our contract.”

Dixon further stated, “Ever since I played elementary school football, I have had only one goal… and that is to be the best.  It is no different with my company…We will be the best!”

Please call Dixon at 817.370.0000 or email him at [email protected] or visit my website www.58funding.com.